Benefits of warming up

Increase in body and tissue temperature

Increase in blood flow through the active muscles

Increase in heart rate, which prepares the cardiovascular system for work

Increase in the exchange of oxygen from hemoglobin

Increase in the speed at which nerve impulses travel, facilitating body movements

Increase in reciprocal innervation efficiency(allowing muscles to contract and relax faster and more efficiently)

Decrease in muscular tension

Enhanced ability of connective tissue to elongate

Help in preparing the athletes psychologically

Cooling Down

This cool-down period will help the body to return to its pre-exercise state. It’s a small investment of time for the many benefits you’ll receive after you do your jump rope training. A properly performed cool-down will:

Help clear the muscles of accumulated lactate

Lessen excessive fatigue

Reduce soreness and cramps

Keep muscles from tightening up

Lower blood pressure, and

Drop body temperature back to resting levels.

In short, a cool-down speeds overall recovery in preparation for subsequent workouts. Athletes use it as a way to unwind after a workout, as a transition from the intensity of the workout to the more relaxed social environment afterward.



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