Choosing a Local Host

For businesses that specialize in certain areas (i.e. the area they are located in), it is quite important to try to choose a host that is located near you. Some reasons are:

  • Your website will be downloaded faster by the majority of your visitors
  • You will have access to local technical support when required
  • You will have greater success with service complaints to higher bodies

Your website will be downloaded faster by the majority of your visitors

If the host is located near you, when your visitors download content from your website it will be delivered faster to them than if the host was located interstate or overseas. However, many hosting companies in fact resell hosting solutions from other companies – these other companies could be located elsewhere, and although you think you’re getting service from a local company, you are in fact receiving it from somewhere else.

Fortunately, there is a way to find out if the host you are thinking about choosing is located near you. Assuming that the host’s own website is hosted on the same servers that they provide to their customers (which is almost always the case, however can’t be relied upon 100%), you can find out the IP address of their website and using that, the exact city in which they are located. Once you have the IP address (which you can obtain by “pinging” their website), you can enter it into a program called┬áNeoTrace, which will tell you the city they are located in.

You will have access to local technical support when you need it

With all technology these days, something is always bound to go wrong. Web site hosting and Orlando SEO agencies are no different, and when you notice that something is wrong with your site or e-mail, you need it fixed quickly. You could be losing customers while your website is offline! In times like these, you need instant access to technical support. Making a phone call always results in a faster response than sending an e-mail, and obviously making a phone call to a hosting company located close to you will save you money. You don’t want to be paying interstate or international rates to receive support!

You will have greater success with service complaints to higher bodies

Many business people receive the infamous “Nigerian Money Scam” in their inboxes on a weekly, possibly even daily, basis. The well-known scam promises you a cut of a large sum if you “help” by “hiding” the money. To “help”, you have to provide your bank account details – and that’s where the scam begins. Don’t be surprised if you do this and find out the next day that your account has been cleaned out!

One of the reasons this scam is so successful is because the people that pilot it are based in Nigeria. If you are from Australia, the US, the UK, Canada, or any other country, and you fall for this scam, the people that have your money are out of reach of any law enforcement agency. That’s why you must be careful with hosting companies that aren’t located near you – if your credit card gets continually charged until it reaches the credit limit, and the host is located in Nigeria, there’s not much you can do about it!

Fraud isn’t the only problem with web hosts. A host might provide terrible service that you aren’t happy about. Here in Australia, the independent┬áTelecommunications Industry Ombudsman┬átakes complaints from consumers about telephone or internet services provided by other companies (and there would be similar options available in other countries). It’s a great way to get your complaint heard if the company in question is not listening to you. Once again, if your web host is located out of your country, it will be quite hard to file a complaint this way.

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