Fine Horse Carvings

Nostalgic Designs produces a custom line of carved wooden carousel animals and home decorating accessories that range in size from six inches to six feet. All carvings are finished in a variety of standard finishes including stains, paints and antiques as well as custom colors.

Only the finest California, Oregon and Washington pines are used for the carvings. No two pieces of wood are identical; knots, grains and blemishes are unique to each piece and add to the character of the resulting images.

Each of the images is first carved full size by master carvers in the pattern shop. They are individually shaped and finished, with fine details that are usually found only in the finest hand carved animals. Blending modern technology with old world craftsmanship produces the finest of hand finished products.

This process allows Nostalgic Designs to produce products with a consistent look and level of quality. Each product is then finished by hand, using finishes and techniques to achieve a combination of deep vibrant colors and highlighted wood grain. Where appropriate, finishing details such as jewel decoration, special eyes, gilt highlights, fancy tails and special brass posts and wooden stands are used.

The result is a fine, hand crafted image that everyone would want to own, like this Carmel Stander Angel with natural horsehair tail. With their expert staff and state of the art technology, Nostalgic Designs can handle any restoration project or custom design request. DIY String art Kits are also available for those who wish to add their own creative flair. Contact us with  the project you have in mind. We will be happy to work with you.

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