Welcome to AD Aerospace, where the watchwords are safety and security.

As specialists in the airline and aircraft security industry including industrial metal supply , we understand the needs of our customers for stringent aircraft and passenger safety – both on and off the ground.
Our skilled engineers, whose experience and knowledge in this field are second to none, have designed FlightVu, our comprehensive range of airline and aircraft security systems, which can be tailored specifically to individual company requirements.
We also offer a range of vehicle security systems, TransVu, designed to protect public transportation such as trains and buses, where staff and passenger safety is also paramount.

Products & Services


The R & D Department at AD Aerospace are continually developing products in line with the needs of the passenger transportation industry.

Our two main areas of research include aircraft safety and security, where we have developed the FlightVu range of products. This is predominantly aimed at protecting air passengers, aircraft staff and airline property.

Our second line of expertise lies in the TransVu range of products for ground transportation companies, such as bus and train operators – who are increasingly suffering from violence, vandalism and theft.

The following pages provide brief product information – for more detailed requirements, simply click the relevant icons to download pdf files.

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